12 Horas de Clases EDT

12 Hours EDT Lessons

The Essential Driver Training course is made up of 12 one-hour lessons, which you must complete before taking your Driving Test. This is a legal requirement for anyone who got the Learner Permit after 4th April 2011 and wishes to apply for the Driving Test.

The more practice and experience a person has, the better driver they become, this is why the 12 Hour EDT Lessons Plan is recommended for those people who have some experience and are familiarised with the vehicle and the road before starting the lessons and applying for the test as this will give them more chances to pass it.

If you are a new pupil and have never received EDT Lessons, at our first class, you will be given by your Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) a logbook with your name, Date of Birth, and Permit Driver number on it.

If you have received lessons with another ADI, you will need to bring your logbook with you so we can ensure you are taking the right lesson.

With this plan you will receive 12 lessons of 1 hour each, following the EDT Lessons Timeline established by the RSA (Lessons 1-8 must be taken in sequence but lessons 9-12 may be taken in any order).

What do the lessons cover?

Each of the EDT lessons has particular objectives. You should prepare for each lesson using the EDT Course Syllabus. The 12 lessons are titled:

  • LESSON 1: Car Controls and Safety Checks
  • LESSON 2: Correct Positioning 1
  • LESSON 3: Changing Direction 1
  • LESSON 4: Progression Management
  • LESSON 5: Correct Positioning 2 (More complex situations)
  • LESSON 6: Anticipation and Reaction
  • LESSON 7: Sharing the Road
  • LESSON 8: Driving Safely through Traffic
  • LESSON 9: Changing Direction 2 (More complex situations)
  • LESSON 10: Speed Management
  • LESSON 11: Driving Calmly
  • LESSON 12: Night Driving

For those who have never driven before and do not have the chance to practice between the lessons, we recommend them to go for the 24 Hours Lessons Plan.


  • 12 Hour EDT Lessons – €50 Each Lesson