24 Horas de Clases

24 Hours Lessons

The more practice and experience a person has, the better driver they become, this is why the 24 Hour Lessons Plan is recommended for those learners who do not have experience or are not familiarised with the vehicle and the road before starting the lessons.

With this plan, you will receive 24 lessons of 1 hour each, divided into two parts.

The first part will consist of 12 lessons and will be to introduce yourself to the driving experience (including knowing the car and its functions, going over traffic signs, starting the car, moving off and stopping, etc) so you can be more confident before starting the next group of lessons.

The second part (12 EDT Training Course) will be provided following the EDT Lessons Timeline established by the RSA (Lessons 1-8 must be taken in sequence but lessons 9-12 may be taken in any order). At the first lesson, you will be given by your Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) a logbook with your name, Date of Birth, and Permit Driver number on it.

If you have received lessons with another ADI, you will need to bring your logbook with you so we can ensure you are taking the right lesson.

Keep in mind that before applying to your Driving Test, you will need to complete the Essential Driver Training course according to RSA.

Remember, you will need to hold your learner permit during the lessons.

What does the EDT training course cover?

Each of the EDT lessons has particular objectives. You should prepare for each lesson using the EDT Course Syllabus. The 12 lessons are titled and you will be given the lessons according to the progress in your logbook:

  • LESSON 1: Car Controls and Safety Checks
  • LESSON 2: Correct Positioning 1
  • LESSON 3: Changing Direction 1
  • LESSON 4: Progression Management
  • LESSON 5: Correct Positioning 2 (More complex situations)
  • LESSON 6: Anticipation and Reaction
  • LESSON 7: Sharing the Road
  • LESSON 8: Driving Safely through Traffic
  • LESSON 9: Changing Direction 2 (More complex situations)
  • LESSON 10: Speed Management
  • LESSON 11: Driving Calmly
  • LESSON 12: Night Driving

To apply for the Driving Test, the pupil will need to become a competent driver, a learner will need to prepare carefully for each EDT lesson, take extra driving instruction and undertake lots of practice with a sponsor.


  • 24 Hours Lessons –  €47.50 Each Lesson